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We are happy to provide transportation services to as many clients as we can serve. Please refer to the following steps to scheduling a ride with us!
Contact us at 651-774-1166 for any questions.

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Understand the Difference Between Common Carrier and Special Transportation Services

Apple Ride Transportation provides both common carrier and special transportation services for our clients. Understanding the differences between these two services is an important distinction that drivers and clients should know. 

  • Common Carrier Transportation Services are defined as nonemergency medical transportation and are also known as Access Transportation Services (ATS). These transportation services are conducted through our drivers' personal automobiles. It is important to note that these rides must be booked by the client or their interpreter, and the insurance company must be notified at least 3 days in advance. Please check with your insurance company to see if you are eligible for common carrier transportation services.

  • Special Transportation Services are defined as nonemergency medical transportation for clients who are unable to used common carrier services due to physical or mental impairment. This type of transportation is also known as a station-to-station (STS) transportation service because of the additional assistance required. Apple Ride has its own special transportation van to accommodate clients who may require STS services. Transportation agencies are able to schedule rides for STS clients, however we must be notified at least 3 days in advance. Please check with your insurance company to see if you are eligible for common carrier transportation services. Special Transportation Services also require a signature from their clinic. 


Clients must contact their insurance company to coordinate a Common Carrier Transportation Service. If you require Special Transportation Services, please contact our Apple Ride Office, 651-774-1166. 

  • We accept the following insurances:
     (612-676-6830 or 1-800-864-2157)
    HealthPartners (952-883-7400 or 1-888-288-1439)
    MA - Special Transportation (866-467-1724)
    BlueCross/BlueShield (651-662-8648 or1-866-340-8648)


Contact Your Insurance Company



Once you have contacted your insurance company's health ride department, specify Apple Ride as your preferred transportation provider. An insurance representative will contact us and coordinate the health ride. 

Once your ride is confirmed, make sure you are prepared for your medical appointment by gathering any necessary paperwork or medications as instructed by your clinic or healthcare provider. Additionally, we ask that clients are prepared at least 15 minutes in advance for their transportation service. All children under 16 must ride with an adult.


Specify Apple Ride as Your Preferred Transportation Provider

Get Ready to Ride!

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